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March 20, 2010 |  Huma Gupta

Building off of Bernadette’s post on the housing shortage in Iraq, this is an article that focuses specifically on Kurdistan. It has prompted the Kurdistan Regional government to allocate $300 million for subsidized housing projects. They will also be capping housing costs at 48 million dinars (US $40,000). It would be interesting to find out who is designing and building these housing projects. American, European, Arab, or Iraqi contractors?

cost of housing is ‘number one problem’ in kurdistan
niqash | Qassim Khidhir Hamad | thu 04 feb 10

A survey conducted by the Kurdistan Institution for Political Issues (KIPI), released on 13th January, showed that the cost of housing in the region is people’s number one cause for concern. (more…)

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Housing Crunch in Iraq..

With an average of four people per room in some areas, Iraq seems to be leading the pack in household density. While personally I enjoy small houses full of people (they remind me of home!), an average of four folks to a small room is pretty cramped. Steve, a MIT Meydan contributor, plans to return to real estate development in Iraq after graduation – I’m waiting on his comments for illumination. How much does the NYT article reflect reality? How aggressive will developers be? How tough are the planning restrictions?  — Bernadette

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